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Retail solutions

Since 2013 the first sanitiser for shopping trolleys and baskets

The only one with an electronically managed safety system that blocks the flow at the entrance in the presence of children or animals

The only one with the variable locking system, which guarantees complete sanitisation for each type of trolley

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful biological agents in just 5 seconds

Hygienic Cart Easy

Retail solutions

Sanitization for cart Luggage and Trolleys

It has the same reliability as Hygienic Cart. Same guarantee of complete trolley and basket sanitisation, with tested and certified bacterial and viral load reduction. Same sanitising speed, just 5 seconds. Slim and elegant is lighter, smaller and more economical than the Hygienic Cart.

Hygienic Cart Mini

Retail Solutions

Sanitization for cart Luggage and Trolleys

Sanitiser for shopping baskets, robustly efficient, very practical! Practically indispensable for small groceries, pet shops, household goods, detergents. In a minimum of space and in 5 seconds it sanitises and cleans the entire basket. A great little idea to guarantee safety and peace of mind.

Hygienic Trolley

Solutions for travellers

Sanitization for cart Luggage and Trolleys

Designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria from bags and suitcases, from Coronavirus to any potential presence of harmful, often even lethal, biological agents. Through the atomisation of a specific liquid, in just 5 seconds it sanitises, without wetting them, luggage at the entrance to planes, ships, trains, hotels and communities of all kinds, protecting users and the environments concerned by preventing potential vehicles of infection from entering.

Hygienic Wheelchair

Solutions for the healthcare sector

Sanitization for Luggage and Trolleys

Developed from the great experience of Hygienic Cart, designed to sanitise wheelchairs in just 5 seconds, and, thanks to the atomisation of the sanitising liquid, does not wet the surfaces, so no waiting time is required, allowing the device to be used immediately. For all healthcare facilities that care about the health of the frail, the elderly or those with low immune defences. A true barrier to protect the sick and care environments of all kinds.

Solutions for the Person

Designed for safe entry into all public and private places:
schools, hospitals, senior citizen centres, airports, shopping centres, museums, theatres, stadiums, for concerts and events of all kinds.

Adults, children, the elderly, all are protected in a few seconds.

Hand sanitisation via special dispenser.

Turnstile for automatic locking of high temperature subjects. (optional)

Remote control of high temperature and liquid reserve.

Mask presence and temperature control.

Complete sanitisation of the person through 360° vaporisation with natural sanitising liquid.


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