Hygienic Cart sanitises your trolley

Eliminates 99% of harmful biological agents

Put your health first

Every day, billions of people unsuspectingly pass through the large-scale distribution centres with lethal loads of viruses and bacteria: shopping trolleys!

It is unfortunately rare that trolleys are at least washed, reliable research shows that these are far more contaminated than a public toilet.

There is a substantial shift of priorities in society, health and public hygiene are finally in the spotlight, and along with it all the tools to guarantee them.

Why choose Hygienic Cart

Designed and refined to tackle the problem with the utmost rigour, it leaves no room for improvisation.

Already since 2013, it has absolute quality as a fundamental characteristic, starting with the choice of materials, made to withstand constant stress.

Thousands of trolleys every day stand under the purifying arch for the fateful 5 seconds sufficient to eliminate 99.8% of harmful biological agents, as certified. There are now millions of sanitations carried out by customers themselves using our machines.

Our highlights

Safety is paramount, thanks to an exclusive electronic system the machine automatically blocks the flow in the presence of children or animals.

The Hygienic Cart is the only one with the unique variable blocking system, which guarantees complete sanitisation for every type of trolley.

Remote monitoring ensures that the Hygienic Cart never stops; an automatic message alerts our technicians that the sanitising liquid is about to run out.

Hygienic Cart is worthwhile

The more Hygienic Cart works, the less it costs - depending on usage, the unit cost per user can be as low as one hundredth of a euro or even less!

A permanent image campaign that in addition gives health and reaps trust!

The practical contractual conditions make it really attractive and convenient to equip oneself with this currently worldwide unique instrument.

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