Tunnel for sanitising people

Complete with temperature measurement and hand sanitizer

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Your safe entrance

How can we actually prevent an epidemic? How can we protect our health?

The answer is: with Hygienic Tunnel, it can be applied everywhere: schools, hospitals, airports, RSAs [nursing homes], shopping centres, museums, stadiums, events of all kinds and much more.

The full personal sanitisation solution, with temperature recognition screen, hand sanitiser and special sanitising liquid vaporisation system (MEDICAL SURGICAL DEVICE), which is not harmful if inhaled,

How the Hygienic Tunnel works

The temperature is checked directly with an electronic temperature gauge and signals it to an operator if the temperature exceeds the set value (recommended 37.3 C°).

After confirmation, hands are sanitised without contact with the dispenser located under the thermoscanner.

Before entry, the sanitising liquid is automatically dispensed, covering the surface 360° without wetting. Perfectly suited for people.

What makes us different

The Hygienic Tunnel is the complete solution for preventing infections and epidemics. It significantly reduces the risk to personnel with high contact frequency.

It allows you to automatically sanitise in a passage of only 5 to 8 seconds with completely non-toxic natural sanitising liquid (medical surgical device).

HYGIENIC Tunnel has remote control that signals high temperature and liquid reserve.

Customisable and adaptable to every need, even with an opening turnstile.

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