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Hygienic Cart sanitize your cart

Removes 99% of harmful biological agents

Health in the first place

Billions of people walk through supermarkets every day unaware of the lethal loads of viruses and bacteria: the shopping carts!

The carts are unfortunately rarely washed at the very least, and reliable research has shown that carts are significantly more contaminated than a public toilet.

A substantial change of priorities is taking place in society, health and public hygiene are finally in the foreground and together with them all the tools to guarantee such priorities.

Reasons to choose Hygienic Cart

Designed and improved to handle the problem with the utmost precision, there is no possibility of improvisation.

Since 2013 it has been characterized by absolute quality,
starting with the choice of materials, made to bear continuous stress.

Thousands of shopping carts and baskets daily stop under the purifying arch for the five seconds enough to eliminate 99.8% of harmful biological agents, as certified. (non-toxic liquid suitable for disinfecting surfaces in contact with food).

Our key points

Safety is essential, thanks to an exclusive electronic system the machine automatically blocks the flow in the presence of children or animals.

Remote monitoring ensures that the Hygienic Cart never stops, an automatic message alerts users when the liquid is about to run out.

Hygienic Cart is also available in a version with a monitor for advertisements and with the semi-automatic AED defibrillator that can also be used by non-healthcare personnel, which can save the life of a person with a heart attack.

During a historical period when health and economy are more and more connected Hygienic Cart is a wise investment to protect staff and customers, a lasting image campaign that gives safety and health and builds loyalty!

Hygienic Cart is a Hygienic S.r.l. patent entirely produced in Italy.


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